The Studio

This is ridiculously long, barely edited, and shot with my phone, but if you’re interested it shows the process for current way I paint. I developed the method with the series Dear Abby, in 2006-ish, streamlined it during What I Did Last Summer and Eenie Meanie Miney Mo, and feel like things are getting better in this current series, New Testament.

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Wet Paint

The working title for the series is New Testament.  I have 27 panels gessoed, with preliminary sketches. To me, the images follow an evolutionary path from Dear Abby, What I Did Last Summer, and Eenie Meanie Miney Mo. Because I work on all the paintings at the same time (doing all the sketches first; painting all of the flesh second; etc.),

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“Killing Chickens”

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I made this oil can banjo. It’s impossible to keep in tune, and it’s louder when I take the cap off (but the fumes also give me an immediate buzz). And, I wear the dark glasses because I’m nervous. Oh well.    There’s a YouTube link, top right, if you want to see more.

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Steven Sherrill

Music & Me

When I grow up I want to be a ukulele busker. I want to take my uke out to the park, to the street corner, open the case, open my mouth, and sing and play. Or, since growing up might be too ambitious, maybe I’ll quit all this writing and painting and teaching business, rent an RV and drive around the country playing at Open Mic nights.

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