Artist Statement – 2002

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All of my life I have spent, in one way or another, negotiating with desire, bargaining with the psyche to strike a balance between want and need.  Granted, this is a hard won realization; only recently have I come to understand the core of the struggle—how desire profoundly, subtly, often irrationally informs my decision making process—and I am still just as susceptible to its sway.

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What I Did Last Summer XXII

Artist Statement – 2009

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As with nearly every other form of human expression, the work in What I Did Last Summer functions on several levels. For me, in art/painting parlance, the least of these is the conceptual.  The obvious, and often asked, question is some version of “Why the single breast?”  As a writer and a visual artist, I figured out a long time ago that exploring the why of an idea was counterproductive as a first (or next, or eventual?)

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The Studio

This is ridiculously long, barely edited, and shot with my phone, but if you’re interested it shows the process for current way I paint. I developed the method with the series Dear Abby, in 2006-ish, streamlined it during What I Did Last Summer and Eenie Meanie Miney Mo, and feel like things are getting better in this current series, New Testament.

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