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JOY, PA (a novel)

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A darkly insightful evocation of the post-industrial era, Joy, PA tells the story of a family teetering on the precipice of ruin. The Augenbaughs live in a broken and decaying town where the last vestiges of country-club wealth run up against the terrible realities of working-class poverty. Abigail, a fervent believer in the apocalyptic teachings of a radio preacher, is desperate to save her son from Judgment Day as she readies herself for the Rapture—due to arrive in just a few days.

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What I Mean To Say Is…

June 13, 2012 10:25 am | Filed in: Writing | Tags: | No Comments

Why, then, is Candy— a pornographic parody— my selection as a book with “some special meaning” to commemorate this auspicious moment, this hurdle, this attainment of tenure at Penn State University? I’ll tell you.

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