“Certainly, this thing exits. Because ten thousand bulls want to be men.

And ten thousand men want to be bulls.”

Adapted from The Minotaur’s Thoughts on Poetry, by Miroslav Holub

About Steven Sherrill

Aside from love and the elemental necessity of curiosity, Steven Sherrill takes nothing very seriously. Certainly not himself. Steven Sherrill is not, absolutely not, a traditional academic, nor a scholar. Steven Sherrill is definitely a wannabe musician. And an enthusiastic but mediocre artist. And a lifelong motorcyclist. He will not say whether or not he, like the Minotaur, has horns, but Steven Sherrill has been making trouble with words since 8th grade, when he was suspended from school for two weeks for writing a disturbing story. He dropped out in the 10th grade, ricocheted around the southern US for years, eventually earning a Welding Diploma from Mitchell Community College, which led circuitously to an MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and finally to the role of Professor of English and Integrative Arts at Penn State University, with a bunch of books in the world.

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