The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break — Poem

This is the poem that inspired The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break:

Sorely needed because, for the umpteenth
time since landing a job as line-cook
at the Holiday Inn, those damn horns of his
have been a problem.  It’s the pots
that hang overhead;  he keeps punching
holes in them,  Management is pissed.
The Minotaur sits on an empty pickle bucket
blowing smoke through bullish nostrils.
He lows.  He laments. He can’t remember
whether the Stuffed Flounder gets béchamel
or hollandaise.  Moreover, the heat chafes.
About that time he spies her coming
down the ally, that new waitress the whole
kitchen is talking about.  He almost gives her
the once-over but can’t get past her breasts.
The Minotaur is a tit man. —I’m a tit man
he mouths to the Fry Cook. —What’s that mean;
You’re a tit man?— they ask.  The Minotaur
can’t answer.  He sits indignant, a convicted
it man, picking at the dried gravy
stain on his apron.  Feigning indifference
he nearly misses the miracle beneathing her,
this apparition in slinky black.
But as she hoofs her way up the back
steps he can’t help but notice those fine shanks.
And what offers them up is not the sensible pump,
is not the stiletto heel, is nothing less
than cloven —Things are looking up— he thinks.